Jesper Svensson

Jesper Svensson

/ Designer

I love to be inspired by my clients exciting ideas and create something unique together.
I enjoy seeing businesses thrive by developing their concepts and taking them to the next level.



The Festival of Storytellers

A two week online event platform where Authors could share their stories with thousands of visitors. Event was so successful that they are planning to to do a The Festival of Storytellers Season 2. GO TO WEBSITE  

DH Stryktips

Website A group that bet on football matches together, needed a way to keep track of and showcase their statistics. They can see year-by-year information on spent, winnings, individual winnings, and much more. The website also allows for internal chat, gallery, history, and more—all in an intuitive easy-to-use dashboard managed by the client and participants.

Tina Nail

Nailed It Business Services
I paid someone to create a website for me on the cheap and the result was horrible. Only days before I needed to reveal the site I reached out for some help and Jesper was right there. In just a few short days he created a site I can be proud. He listened to what I wanted, worked with me on revisions, and explained anything I didn’t understand. I will use Blue Marble Office again and have already recommended them to others.


I can not believe I have not written a review!!! These guys are amazing! I have worked with them for OVER 3 years now and they have helped me with different tasks!! including my WONDERFUL website!! I trust them 100% and am sooo thankful for their hard work!! I will continue to work with them on MANY projects!!


Tell me about your business idea, let's see if we create something great together!